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Are you a man (or partner of a man) who has attended a Men's Behaviour Change or Anger Management program? Participate in our Research Program..

Colleen Hewett, Amabassador

Colleen Hewett has joined Violence Free Families as an Ambassador. Her new CD - "Black & White" featuring the song "Let Me Breathe" - is available now and $5 from every sale will be donated to Violence Free Families. To order your copy, click here.

Research Study into the Long Term Effectiveness of Male Family Violence Prevention Programs in Australia

This ambitious study is examining the results of behaviour change programs for violent men over the long term. These programs are believed to be one of the most effective ways of helping men to stop their violence but no large scale systematic study of them has ever been conducted in Australia.

Violence Free Families is raising the funds for this study and has commissioned two very highly experienced and qualified researchers to lead it. They are supported by a talented and diverse academic reference committee.


The Online Men’s Behaviour Change Program Trials

Are you feeling stressed and angry too much of the time? Hurting your loved ones emotionally or physically? Bottling things up and then exploding? Feeling anxious, confused or losing self control? Concerned about the way you behave towards your partner or children?


An Online Men’s Behaviour Change Program - An exciting Initiative

Many men in need of help cannot access a group behaviour change program, such as those who live in rural areas, shift workers, and those who live in areas without programs.

In an age where technology is used for long-range medicine, research, and education of many kinds, when most households have access to the Internet, and with the National Broadband Network rolling out, we are embracing the opportunity to make use of this technology for men’s behaviour change programs.

Violence Free Families has re-worked the conventional face-to-face group program for the new medium. It will use not only the web but other technology as well, such as videos, emails, SMS messages and phone calls. The challenge of loss of direct body language communication between the program facilitators and participants in the group has been met by exciting and creative adaptations, and the new program also pays special attention to privacy and partner safety.


Second Trial of Online Men’s Behaviour Change Program Continues to Impress

The formal evaluation of the second 14-week trial of the new online men’s behaviour change program has now been completed by the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Program Evaluation. The report confirms results from the first trial. It says that the men participating, their partners and the program facilitators were unanimous in expressing a high degree of satisfaction with the outcome.


2014 Annual Report

Violence Free Families continued its focus on developing new and better men’s behaviour change programs. These are small-group programs that run for a minimum of 26 contact hours under the guidance of trained facilitators. They are considered to be one of the the most effective ways of helping amilies by improving men’s behaviour.

Significant progress was made this year in developing a world-first online, multi-media behaviour change program for violent men. Our established research program with Monash University into the long term results of conventional men’s behaviour change programs continued with data collection and early analysis

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2015 International Womens Days Breakfast

5 March 2015

Back for its 4th Year in 2015, Rotary will once again celebrate Gender Equality by hosting an International Women's Day Breakfast alongside their community and corporate partners and features a panel of experts debating a topical question on the subject of gender equality.

Violence Free Families is one of the recipients of funds raised throuh the event.


An Evaluation of Interventions with Domestic Violence Perpetrators, Thea Brown and Ralph Hampson

In 2008 and 2009, Violence Free Families, aided by Australian Rotary Health and LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Educations Services sponsored research into the improvement of men’s behaviour change programs.


Submission to the Senate Committee on Family Violence in Australia

This submission focuses on the use of men’s behaviour change programs as a key tool for protecting the welfare of women and children who are the subject of family violence. These programs aim to improve the behaviour of men in affected relationships by providing group psycho-educational interventions over 13 or more weeks of two-hour interactive sessions with trained facilitators. The submission primarily addresses items (c) and (e) of the Committee’s terms of reference.


Executive Assistant Needed - Family Violence Prevention

Our increasing work load needs to be shared with a voluntary executive assistant. If you have three to four hours per week to spare, we have an position avaliable. Most of the work can be done from home. Bayside Melbourne area preferable but not essential.