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Are you a man (or partner of a man) who has attended a Men's Behaviour Change or Anger Management program? Participate in our Research Program..

Are Mens Behaviour Change Program Results Lasting

Violence Free Families is raising the funds for this study and has commissioned two highly experienced and qualified researchers to examine the long term results of behaviour change programs for violent men. These programs are believed to be one of the most effective ways of helping men to stop their violence but no large scale systematic study of them has ever been conducted in Australia.


Online Interactive Mens Behaviour Change Program

Violence Free Families has put together a talented team combining Lifeworks Relationship Counselling, Federation Training (incoporating GippsTAFE) and Trusted Impact Pty Ltd., a computer security firm that is ensuring safeguards for confidential interactions.


Unable to Join a Local Behaviour Change Program

MEN, would you like to join a local group behaviour change program but can’t?


PARTNERS (and former partners) of men and MEN who have done a behaviour change or anger management program …

We invite you to complete our short questionnaire about your experiences of the program, and what happened afterwards. This information will be used by Monash University in its long term study.  The survey information will be held in strict confidence and you will not be asked to identify yourself.

We would really appreciate you help to help others.

Start Here (partners)

Start Here (men)


Terms of Reference of the Senate Committee

On 26 June, 2014, the following matter was referred to the Finance and Public Administration References Committee for inquiry and focusses on the use of men’s behaviour change programs as a key tool for protecting the welfare of women and children who are the subject of family violence.  These programs aim to improve the behaviour of men in effected relationships by providing group psycho-educational interventions over 13 or more weeks of two-hour interactive sessions with trained facilitators.  The submission primarily addresses item (c) and (e) of the committee’s terms of reference.


Charity Golf Day - Proceeds to Violence Free Families

GOLFERS! On Friday 31 October at Victoria Golf Club, Cheltenham, the Rotary Club of Brighton North will host an outstanding GOLF DAY, proceeds towards Violence Free Families


For Garden Lovers. Rarely seen gardens open for GardenDesignFest in November

Dozens of bold and versatile gardens in Melbourne, designed by top landscapers, will be thrown open to the public on the November 15-16 weekend.  

28 Victorian gardens across metropolitan Melbourne, and beyond to Euroa, will attract visitors nationally and from NZ.  Many of the gardens have seldom been seen by the public.

Details, sites and ticketing are at


Executive Assistant Needed - Family Violence Prevention

Our increasing work load needs to be shared with a voluntary executive assistant. If you have three to four hours per week to spare, we have an position avaliable. Most of the work can be done from home. Bayside Melbourne area preferable but not essential.


2015 International Womens Days Breakfast

5 March 2015

Back for its 4th Year in 2015, Rotary will once again celebrate Gender Equality by hosting an International Womens Day Breakfast alongside their community and corporate partners and features a panel of experts debating a topical question on the subject of gender equality.  Save the date for next year and stay tuned for next years' topic.

Violence Free Families is one of the recipients of funds raised through the event.

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